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Optimize Your Path

Increase Clicks. Lower Costs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is half art, half science, and half insight. Now if you were selling half sized products, you are looking at an optimized sentence. It's about using all of your keywords to create an exponential effect on your Website's findability. If Search Engines (Google, Bing, et al.) can find your site, then your customers can find you too. If you use the exact keywords phrases your customers use to find you in your content, then you are one step closer to being found more often, leading to more conversions and sales. In the long run, SEO is the basis to insure your ROI.

SEO and PPC relate in that the same keywords drive both traffic segments to your websites. And if you optimize your content for the right keywords, you are driving some great traffic—as SEO and PPC traffic feature people who are engaged in the sales cycle and are searching for something to satisfy their needs. Let's talk about how we can kill two birds with one stone, increase your traffic, and lower your costs.

Optimization is the process of ensuring your content features the keywords and website content that people are actively searching for using a search engine. Not only is this the case, but optimization can get much deeper, in that we need to look into how keywords relate to where your potential customer is engaged in their sales cycle. Optimization takes place both Onsite and Offsite and is as much of a living art, as it is a breathing technical science.

Where we start depends on where you are and where you want to go. I love evaluating your current positioning and determining a strategy that will grow your brand in line with you goals! Shoot me an email or give me a call, and let's talk about your needs one-on-one.

SEO traffic is the most valuable traffic for any site, not only because it is free, but this traffic is the highest quality traffic in that they convert and typically drive the highest ROI. SEO related traffic, starts with a keyword search that relates to the page on your website that was provided to the user as a search result from the referring search engine. While the traffic is free, optimizing and developing an effective SEO strategy should be looked at as an initial investment that delivers longterm returns.

NEVER PAY FOR LINKS! Google and all other high value search engines are working hard to eliminate websites from search engines that pay for links. Links from other websites are a top factor that determines if a website should rank over another in search engine results. This has been taken advantage of over the past years and now search engines want to deliver sites that have quality links, from sites, that relate to the real businesses, resources, and services.

Call me, hire me, and follow through with our developed strategy. Then we measure, and repeat this cycle until your goals are achieved.

We lower costs by learning, developing, implementing, measuring, analyzing, optimizing, and repeating. The Internet gives us real-time data at our fingertips, with the ability to gain insights in minutes, that traditionally woud take years, if possible to gain real insights at all. I approach your SEO/PPC campaigns and strategies with each of these steps ingrained in my mind. By understanding how we can leverage your Online presence, in line with the qualities that sell your offering, we can drive better traffic, minimize unrelated clicks, and take control of your Online search campaigns.

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Get $100 Free for Google AdWords

If you are brand new to Google AdWords, and/or set up you AdWords account less than 14 days ago, I can give you $100.00 in free advertising credits. That is $100.00 in free clicks for your business. Simply contact me, and let me know you need some AdWords credits.