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Digital Marketing

Learn, Predict, Execute, Evaluate & Decide

Are you leveraging the Internet by harnessing the potential to drive customers, increase sales, and grow brand awareness? The Internet gives you a voice. A digital megaphone that transcends word-of-mouth advertising. Nowadays, it is more like word-of-mouse advertising that drives your business to the bank.

Internet Marketing provides new opportunities that increase ROI. Don't waste your time looking for the answers yourself. The following reports will provide you with the insights you need in order to make informed and educated decisions on how you should be using the Web in order to achieve your goals.

Contact me if you are interested in developing one of the following for your brand:

Is your Web site fully optimized to maximize organic search listing positions (SERPs) opportunities? Are you actually paying less for PPC words because your sight is optimized for your PPC ads? This analysis will make sure you are fully optimized and will provide insights on what to do with areas that are not. Please note, this is an analysis, not actual optimization of your Web site. Once we show you how good you are optimized, we will do some usability testing to ensure your Web site is easy to use based on your user personas, and how this relates to SEO efforts.

This analysis will give you a detailed overview of the keywords your customers are searching for. We use our tools and experience to give you a list of the most valuable and opportunistic words you need to be focusing on. We will even give you a few tricks on how to approach your PPC and SEO efforts to save money and maximize ROI. It isn’t just knowing which words people are using to find your offering; it is also what words your competitors are ignoring.

Ever wonder where your competitor is putting their money? How good is their Web site SEO? What words they use and how much that pay-per-click on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This competitive analysis is your legal corporate spy. You name the competitor; we will give you everything we can find related to SEM, SEO, and PPC. Discover your opportunities by uncovering their faults. This is completely legal, and will be some of the best information you can get your hands on.

The Internet Marketing Action Plan is your road map that shows you what to do next. Based on your current and anticipated budget, this plan will analyze your consumer’s buyer personas, behaviors in the sales cycles based on touch points you provide that offer action, and where to go to drive qualified traffic.

A complete Internet marketing analysis that will provide a detailed insight analysis of how your company and your competition is using the Internet. The Internet marketing Campaign will provide you with a roadmap of where you are currently based on past efforts, and where you can and need to go in order to leverage the Internet to maximize ROI. The following outline shows you everything that will be covered in detail.

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Online Businesses I've Helped Develop

Below are some of the websites that I have built using the
Adobe Business Catalyst Content Management System.
Try the system with a 30-day free trial. You can even import your existing website!

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    Structured Data Tool is a tool/website I have developed that allows music owners to add structured data to their website. By doing this, they make their music more visible, accessible, and available to search engines, social networks, websites, and even mobile apps.

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    Online Antique gallery

    This Palm Beach Antique Dealer decided to go with the Business Catalyst platform to manage every aspect of their business. From Ecommerce, to email campaigns, and shipping, they have full command of buying, selling, and trading unique antiques from around the world.

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    Foodies Website

    Zurpz is an Orange County, CA, based website dedicated to making everyone’s life easier when deciding what to eat for any meal. The site is a place where you can upload your favorite recipes and videos of how to make your dish. You can also rate recipes, videos, and restaurants.

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    CJ & CSI Trianing Program

    Forensic Death Investigation :: Interactive DVD Training Program is an interactive tool for education that submerses the user into the core mechanisms, procedures, and practices of initial death investigation and injury documentation by exploring investigation fundamentals and autopsy examination principles.