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Audio Engineer

Hear the sound difference.

Music is my passion. In 2001, I attended Full Sail University and earned a degree in recording engineering. I have worked in a few professional studios—both post-production and recording studios. From tracking, to mixing and mastering, I know audio and how to produce and deliver it. I love talking audio with bands, djs, studios, and companies.

  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • Reason
  • Reaktor
  • Apple Logic
  • Waves Gold Bundle
The beauty of technology is that I am able to get an accurate mix out of any room; because my speakers tune to my room. By using a little mic that connects to the speakers, they analyze problem nodes in the room and correct how they send the sound out to my ears. So what I hear in my room, and what I mix, will translate across nicely to any environment, and any circumstance where your audio/music would be played out loud.
With the use of a TC Electronics Finalizer 96, and the SSL Duende, I am able to bring your audio up to broadcast levels while leveling out mixes to create overall presence you would get out of any professional studio. For a song, a video library, or an album, mastering is the final step in the audio production process. It is wise to master for your intended format, so if you are looking to deliver an Internet only audio experience, or seek a full on album release, I can help you get the best sound possible.
I've worked with a variety of musicians from major acts to independent musicians. I have tracked and mixed hunders of songs. Being trained by Industry professionals of the analog generations; I have take those learned practices and created my own workflows in the digital realm. I am a vinyl junkie with a synthesizer soul. I believe in getting the perfect recording and in the minimal mix. A taste of mastering, and the music should be just fine!
From vox trackings, to sound beds and mix downs, I love the post process. Sound FX and foley are a playground of sound everyone should experience. I love how sound makes the video come to life. Do this—go turn on your favorite movie and then mute it. It's nothing. Audio-post brings life to pictures, feelings in the air, and is a process that is as much analytical as it is creative. Sounds like fun huh?!?!
Audio is the reason we feel emotion when we watch TV, movies, or even commercials. Without sound, you have only visual stimulation. The quality of your audio shapes the experience and more importantly, the emotions you want your audience to feel. So if you care about connecting emotionally with your audience, you may want to think twice about how your sound, sounds. I am happy to give you my opinion at no charge. Simply contact me with a link or a sample.
In 2005, a few music and business partners and myself came very close to purchasing the Capricorn Studio in Macon, Ga.. This is where James Brown, Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers, Little Richard, and so many other amazing bands recorded. We were going to bring music to the south by mixing history with the future. While a group who owned the facility didn't see too square with us, it's a dream of mine, and The Song Remains the Same.
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A DJ Mix From me to you...

Please enjoy this DJ mix I put together. The mix consists of techno, house, and varieties of tech house. If you don't know what these genres are...welcome to some new flavors! Put some headphones on if you are at work. If you are connected to a system with some bass; let this thump! I love your feedback and have more than 17 hours of house dj mixes available...